Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She Has Arrived!

Well, the new Pfaff machine is here.  What a set of hiccups this event has been.
I ended up having a set of health issues, so didn't take the classes yet.  I have however brought her home. I named her Irene, after my mom.  Mom passed away last July, she was my biggest supporter and fan of anything I made.  I used my little inheritance to buy this Pfaff Creative 2.0, so felt it was only fitting that I name the machine after who - first taught me to sew, helped me any way she could while I was growing up, and let me just be me.  However, bringing the machine home and setting it up has not been with out it's challenges.

The embroidery unit, one of the main reasons I chose this particular machine, did not want to work at first.  Took it all back to the dealer, she set it up to see what was wrong and discovered she had given me the wrong embroidery module.  Got that all squared away and off back home I went.  Now, the owner's manual and the embroidery design book both are missing their CD's.  The dealer is getting them ordered for me.  Since talking to her though, have found out just what is on the CD and how extremely helpful it can be to have.  For one, I have been told that the CD for the embroidery book contains a little software program that will convert all my embroidery designs, which are in a PES format, in to the VP3 format which this machine, Irene, will be able to understand and therefore stitch out. Once I got Irene talking to the embroidery module, she wasn't recognizing the hoop for some reason.  I finally figured out that I wasn't getting the hoop lined up with the latch pin so it could pop in to place.  That is what tells Irene which size hoop I am using, helps her determine if I am trying to stitch out a design that is too big for that hoop.  Which of course I would never ever do.  Finally got it all going, only to find out that the USB drive which came loaded with all the designs and a font, and the embroidery unit will not operate with out the USB drive inserted, had been corrupted some how.  Over half of the designs, including the one font, is either blank or unreadable.  The dealer is ordering me one of those as well.  Since she was ordering, I decided to get a couple more hoop sizes as well.  You know, already in for an inch might as well go in for a mile.

As I said, I finally got her going on a design.  To test Irene out, I looked for the simplest design there was.  In other words, fewest color changes.  There were some that were only one color, but none of those files were on the USB drive.  Their folders are there, just empty or garbled up.

My photographic work is not the best, neither is my camera, but the real colors of this are kind of a bubble gum pink and pale lemonade yellow.

Like I said, I am not the greatest at photography, but if you want to see Irene in action I posted two really short little video clips on You Tube.
The pink stitching is located here.

The yellow stitching...part 2 is located here.

I am hoping to be able to take the first owner's class in June.  At least by that time I will have maybe figured out what I need the most help with.  Besides receiving the write software and support. LOL

The plan is to make use of an extra baby sitter and get some things made up to have as inventory, or at least samples that I can take orders for, and establish an Etsy store by fall.  Youngest daughter, Miss Zebra, has finals this week and then school is done.  She will however, have three weeks of summer school, but only half day.  Am hoping to use her for the afternoons to keep up with Mr. M for me.  At least until Miss C arrives, then my daughter-in-law will have her maternity leave and will be keeping Mr. M with her.  So, if Miss C cooperates and arrives in mid July as anticipated, I should be free to sew, clean house (the deep purging kind of cleaning) and be ready to take back over as day care for them both about Labor Day.  However, after giving up on him, hubby has decided that he will be starting the remodel of the kitchen soon.  Have not idea what kind of wrench that will though in this monkey works.

Got to go, need a break from the computer for my back, need to check on Mr. M as well.  Thanks for dropping by and come again soon.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Behind.

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  Well...that's better than my embroidery blog, last posted there in February.  I am trying to update all my blogs today while Mr. M is napping.

Not much time so hold on an ride along with a quick update.  I finally finished the quilts for the church project, but forgot to take photos.  I am glad that project is over.  I have learned one valuable bit of information...I hate making quilts that don't have a binding and I HATE repeat HATE doing the tie knots technique instead of stitched quilting.  Can you see the shudder slash shiver of my whole body just thinking about it?

Other news, I just can't wait until fall to get my machine from layaway.  Sunday I will be taking my first class to learn how to operate the thing and will be bringing it home.  I have a list of projects that I want to start working on in June and decided, since I have the money to pay it off, it was ridiculously idiotic not to make use of the machine that I purchased to make those projects go easier and a little more enjoyable for myself.  I mean come on, that is why I am letting go of that large amount of money in the first place.  Why shouldn't I have it, take advantage of it, when all these projects on my list are perfect for learning what I can do with the machine?  At least do some learning on it before I tackle the major projects in the fall that I don't want to practice on, I need to know what I am doing for those projects because they are really important.  Not making any money off of them or anything, but they are going to special people that I want the projects to be more quality for.  Not that I don't strive to do my best work on all my projects, especially since they are mostly all charity bound, but these are for family members for special occasions.

Okay...enough babbling, I need to get this wrapped up and be finished with the computer before little man's nap ends.  Thank you for stopping by and check back soon to see how I am doing with my endeavors.