Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is my new blog, which will be a part of my original blog..."Blair Blog Project".  I just couldn't figure out how to add do this any other way.  I wanted to have tabs to click on to link to quilt related postings.  I see so many other blogs that do this, just don't have enough brains to figure out just how they do it.  I asked one person, she wrote back and told me to make a separate blog then link it to the home page, so guess that is what I will be doing.

For the most part, I do scrap quilts.  If you are looking for artsy fartsy type quilts, it won't be on here.  If you are looking for traditional, simple good for cuddling up in quilts, this is the place.  I am also a bit on the cheap side when it comes to supplies.  I have no problem using fabric from Walmart, JoAnn's or such.  They do have some quality fabrics at lower prices, but it does have to pass the quality test.  It has to feel good, color has to be solid (in other words not smudged or faded looking) and has to be something that I would want to have for my personal use.  In quality, not looks, because I make a lot of quilts that I wouldn't really want hanging around, but the person they are made for loves them.

I will post my progress on the UFO pile I found when setting up my sewing room.  A variety of stages of finish.  Some just need to be quilted and bound, a rag quilt that just needs to have the edges cut to fringe, several sets of blocks from swaps and such.  I have some BOM (block of the month) projects that are planned for the 2013 year as well.  One is through our LQS (local quilt store) and is called "First Saturday".  It is a bit pricey at $10 a month to participate, but compared to some of the other BOM sets I have seen online for sale, it is nothing.  For that $10 I receive a block pattern along with all the fabrics I need to make that block.  The others are free and offered online.  I will post the names and details of them as they come up. 

Oh, and I will be two other projects, BOM style from patterns I purchased.  One is for a pattern called Sugar Kisses.

The colors of this quilt are much brighter in person.  The LQS did this as a BOM last year, so I missed out on getting the same fabrics.  I will find fabrics from my stash, for the most part, and will be doing this on my own, a block each month, hopefully anyway.  I am not the best at applique but hope to learn more with this quilt.  A friend of mine did do the BOM for this with the shop, but she has not worked on so it may be that I can buy her blocks or at least look at the fabric a bit to try and match with the pattern photo.

Note:  Found out that she started the BOM but shortly after starting it she started divorce proceedings and found out she had been laid off, so didn't have the money to keep up with the BOM program.

The other applique I project I am going to do is the Piecemakers's 2013 calendar quilt. I hope to do a block a month or every other month.
I live in California and we go to the beach often so I just couldn't resist.  Of course we won't mention the other calendar years I bought because they had them on sale for $5.00.  All of their calendar quilts are mainly applique.

Currently though, I just finished a quilt top.  Flimsy I guess is a common term used for it.  Very simple and relatively fast, easy for the beginner.  Will post a photo of the flimsy in the next posting.

Guess that is enough of a beginning, come back and visit any time.

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