Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She's Here.

The last few months have been totally crazy.  First of all, let me show off.
 My newest grand baby arrived.  Pink this time.  She was just hours old in this photo.
I am so happy, so thankful to God that everything turned out so well.  She was full term, healthy, and her mom is doing great as well.
Miss C arrived July 14, 2013 weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long.  She has lovely long fingers and long toes and a long little foot as well.  Not sure if the hair will be blonde or brown yet, but she has quite a bit.  After three grandsons, am so happy to have a grand daughter to dress up.

Life is still really busy around here with all the cleaning, remodeling and catching up I have to do from being sick and some dental work that went a little wrong.  We are soon to be heading out on our big vacation adventure as well.

I received my beautiful crazy quilt block back home today.  All the wonderful additions made to it each time it stopped to visit at some one's home for a few weeks are just beyond words.  I have it sealed up with some dryer sheets to get rid of the smoke, my asthma has just been so easily triggered lately.  Soon as I get back from our trip I will post a photo so all can see how lovely it is.

Got to go for now, so will be back in August and hopefully in full swing with all my sewing and crafting.  I have a list of projects to get cracking on before my daughter in law finishes her maternity leave and I will be back in day care mode.  Plus school starting back for daughter, Miss Zebra's senior year.  Wish me luck and check back in August.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She Has Arrived!

Well, the new Pfaff machine is here.  What a set of hiccups this event has been.
I ended up having a set of health issues, so didn't take the classes yet.  I have however brought her home. I named her Irene, after my mom.  Mom passed away last July, she was my biggest supporter and fan of anything I made.  I used my little inheritance to buy this Pfaff Creative 2.0, so felt it was only fitting that I name the machine after who - first taught me to sew, helped me any way she could while I was growing up, and let me just be me.  However, bringing the machine home and setting it up has not been with out it's challenges.

The embroidery unit, one of the main reasons I chose this particular machine, did not want to work at first.  Took it all back to the dealer, she set it up to see what was wrong and discovered she had given me the wrong embroidery module.  Got that all squared away and off back home I went.  Now, the owner's manual and the embroidery design book both are missing their CD's.  The dealer is getting them ordered for me.  Since talking to her though, have found out just what is on the CD and how extremely helpful it can be to have.  For one, I have been told that the CD for the embroidery book contains a little software program that will convert all my embroidery designs, which are in a PES format, in to the VP3 format which this machine, Irene, will be able to understand and therefore stitch out. Once I got Irene talking to the embroidery module, she wasn't recognizing the hoop for some reason.  I finally figured out that I wasn't getting the hoop lined up with the latch pin so it could pop in to place.  That is what tells Irene which size hoop I am using, helps her determine if I am trying to stitch out a design that is too big for that hoop.  Which of course I would never ever do.  Finally got it all going, only to find out that the USB drive which came loaded with all the designs and a font, and the embroidery unit will not operate with out the USB drive inserted, had been corrupted some how.  Over half of the designs, including the one font, is either blank or unreadable.  The dealer is ordering me one of those as well.  Since she was ordering, I decided to get a couple more hoop sizes as well.  You know, already in for an inch might as well go in for a mile.

As I said, I finally got her going on a design.  To test Irene out, I looked for the simplest design there was.  In other words, fewest color changes.  There were some that were only one color, but none of those files were on the USB drive.  Their folders are there, just empty or garbled up.

My photographic work is not the best, neither is my camera, but the real colors of this are kind of a bubble gum pink and pale lemonade yellow.

Like I said, I am not the greatest at photography, but if you want to see Irene in action I posted two really short little video clips on You Tube.
The pink stitching is located here.

The yellow stitching...part 2 is located here.

I am hoping to be able to take the first owner's class in June.  At least by that time I will have maybe figured out what I need the most help with.  Besides receiving the write software and support. LOL

The plan is to make use of an extra baby sitter and get some things made up to have as inventory, or at least samples that I can take orders for, and establish an Etsy store by fall.  Youngest daughter, Miss Zebra, has finals this week and then school is done.  She will however, have three weeks of summer school, but only half day.  Am hoping to use her for the afternoons to keep up with Mr. M for me.  At least until Miss C arrives, then my daughter-in-law will have her maternity leave and will be keeping Mr. M with her.  So, if Miss C cooperates and arrives in mid July as anticipated, I should be free to sew, clean house (the deep purging kind of cleaning) and be ready to take back over as day care for them both about Labor Day.  However, after giving up on him, hubby has decided that he will be starting the remodel of the kitchen soon.  Have not idea what kind of wrench that will though in this monkey works.

Got to go, need a break from the computer for my back, need to check on Mr. M as well.  Thanks for dropping by and come again soon.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Behind.

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  Well...that's better than my embroidery blog, last posted there in February.  I am trying to update all my blogs today while Mr. M is napping.

Not much time so hold on an ride along with a quick update.  I finally finished the quilts for the church project, but forgot to take photos.  I am glad that project is over.  I have learned one valuable bit of information...I hate making quilts that don't have a binding and I HATE repeat HATE doing the tie knots technique instead of stitched quilting.  Can you see the shudder slash shiver of my whole body just thinking about it?

Other news, I just can't wait until fall to get my machine from layaway.  Sunday I will be taking my first class to learn how to operate the thing and will be bringing it home.  I have a list of projects that I want to start working on in June and decided, since I have the money to pay it off, it was ridiculously idiotic not to make use of the machine that I purchased to make those projects go easier and a little more enjoyable for myself.  I mean come on, that is why I am letting go of that large amount of money in the first place.  Why shouldn't I have it, take advantage of it, when all these projects on my list are perfect for learning what I can do with the machine?  At least do some learning on it before I tackle the major projects in the fall that I don't want to practice on, I need to know what I am doing for those projects because they are really important.  Not making any money off of them or anything, but they are going to special people that I want the projects to be more quality for.  Not that I don't strive to do my best work on all my projects, especially since they are mostly all charity bound, but these are for family members for special occasions.

Okay...enough babbling, I need to get this wrapped up and be finished with the computer before little man's nap ends.  Thank you for stopping by and check back soon to see how I am doing with my endeavors.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Now, isn't this a beauty?
This is my new machine.  Well at least a photo of it. My particular machine is in layaway.  This is the Pfaff Creative Connection 2.0 and it does it all.  Great for sewing with lots of built in stitches.  Large throat area for quilting along with built in walking foot.  No more having to change out the feet every time I want to quilt. It is also an awesome embroidery unit with a large design area. 

I am progressing...slowly...with the quilt top project for our church.  It has been delayed a little by some Dr. appointments, some household projects that have to be done...like a month ago...and honestly, a really serious case of the don't want to do anythings.  I am working through it though.  Have to.

The plan is to by September have gotten through the tutorials for my EQ 7 quilting software and it's companion EQ Stitch embroidery software.  Of course, we have a big vacation planned, my oldest grandson is coming for a visit and our youngest grand child is due to arrive in July. Not like there is anything going to take up my time this summer. LOL

This has been a nice break, but I have to get back to my kitchen chores. Stop in to visit again soon.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Enough Time...New Goal

There just doesn't seem to be enough time for me to find any little bit of time to work on the projects I want to lately.  I need to clean my whole house, need to file my mom's last tax return, organize my kitchen, well you know how it is.

Any way, I have a new goal.  Some way some how, I need to make 5 more quilts for the orphan project that our church group is working on.  Not sure why I let myself sign up for these things, but I have and I will honor it.  Wish me luck, five quilt tops by Thursday evening so I use the tables at church to baste them.  Then to get them quilted before the following Thursday morning so I can get them turned in and whole project can be finished.

You see, I have projects for my personal list that I want to work on pretty soon.  Actually my goal is to get myself so organized that I can at least work on quilt related projects three evenings a week, cross stitch project one or two nights a week.  That will give me a couple of nights a week that I can use for cooking demos or a date night or a family night.  WHOA! Family night? What is that?  Yeah exactly.

Thanks for stopping in.  I will post photos when I get them done.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How It Began.

Being nostalgic, thought I would share how I got started in this obsession.  Quilting that is.  And it is truly an obsession as well as a God given passion.

A member of one of my Yahoo groups posted a question to the group wondering if anyone remembered Millennium Quilts? If anyone had finished theirs? Well that set me off to thinking way back.

For those of you that don't know, Millennium Quilts were quilts made for Y2K, or the year 2,000.  A quilter traded 2.5" squares and a signature square with women all around the world.  Then, 2,000 squares would be sewn in to a quilt for the new Millennium.  Most of the women I traded with were making postage stamp style quilts. Which basically is...as the name states...postage stamps or in other words random assortment or squares of all different colors and prints. 

Click on this link to Pinterest to see some examples. Or you can click here for a link to a Google search for some wonderful images of different examples.

So...how it started.  My husband was transferred to California in 2,000.  The church that we joined had a quilt ministry.  I have never made a quilt, not a real quilt anyway, but I did know how to sew. I have always known how to sew it seemed.  But I had only made clothing.  The note in the bulletin said that they would teach me and child care was provided.  When we moved, my youngest was 4 years old and being a stay at home mom, in a new town, I didn't know any one so thought it would be a great way to make friends and learn something I had always wanted to do.  The wonderful leader of the group started me out with the log cabin design, using cut strips.  I WAS HOOKED.  I then joined some Yahoo quilt groups and jumped all in to this new craft.  I learned about the Y2K quilts, even though January 1, 2000 had come and gone.  There were many others that were getting a late start or making a second quilt that gladly traded with me.

I knew that there was supposed to be 2,000 pieces in the quilt.  I had not traded with enough people to get that many squares, only had about half of that.  I had decided I would go ahead and make the quilt and knew that it would just be smaller in size.  This was my first quilt all on my own.  Also, since I wouldn't have that many squares...and since while I love scrappy just couldn't really get in to the postage stamp pattern.  Still don't care for a quilt of just squares of the same size sewn together.  Here is a photo of that first quilt.
Sorry it is so small, will have to see if I can find the original some where.

First problem.  I was so new to quilting that I had not learned yet that when you take 2.5" squares, cut them diagonally, sew them back together, then it is no longer a 2.5" square.  Each of the blocks on point are in the shape of a heart so that made for some interesting sewing to make those half square triangles that form the design interesting...okay frustrating...to say the least.

Second problem.  I had used approximately 980 or so of the squares to make these blocks, sewing them together in rows diagonally as I went.  When I laid it out, completely covering my king size bed, I panicked at the size and whether my abilities were such that I could handle that large of a quilt. I finished it at that point, basted it, quilted it on my little brother machine, and proudly showed it off by putting it on my bed.  Only months after I finished it did I come to understand that the people I swapped with had been cutting the squares in to four pieces.  I figure if I had cut mine into that small of pieces, would have been 2,000 pieces or so in the finished quilt of about the same size.

That quilt is a favorite quilt now.  Has seen my hubby through his battle with colon cancer, my children through minor illnesses, my grand son's laid on it for naps.  It goes with us on every trip we take.  It has been washed hundreds of times, is in need of a little repair, kind of like me.  But we are still here and that was the start of my journey with what I have learned is a God given gift.  The gift of craftsmanship.  Oh how my father loved my quilts, not just the one I made for him, but all of them always looking forward to the photos I would email him.  When he died, I stopped making quilts...anything.  Mourning him still to this day, and now mourning the loss of my mom as well.  But, time moves on.  Feelings never leave completely, but they do get a little easier as the time goes.  Now, I am throwing myself back in to what I received so much pleasure from.  It is my therapy and I welcome it more now than ever.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Glad to See March.

I have been so sick that February is just a big blur.  Thankfully I am feeling better...finally...after three weeks or so, BUT...mother nature has hit and I have the period from H*@# that started yesterday.  Oh I would so much rather go through delivery or surgery than this torture.  Looking on the bright side of things, I only get one like this a couple of times a year.  But when I do...yikes, like total shut down for me.

Last week I did have some successes with my sewing.  I completely finished a UFO project finally.
I started this about 6 years ago and just put it up for long time.  I actually didn't like it, still not too excited about it, but I just wanted to finish it. Have no idea what I will do with it, it is a wall hanging. It measures 32 x 46 inches.  Not long enough for a throw, not the right colors or style for a child's quilt or baby quilt.  I am not really big on decorating for the holidays either, but may put it out in  fall, unless...it might be good for a wheel chair throw.  There is a short sweet prayer printed in the leaf print fabric.  It is supposed to be a pumpkin, I think it would make a much better apple when done in reds.  I had thought I would offer it my Etsy store, but there is a small flaw in the fabric of one of the squares, gives the appearance of being a small bleach stain, but I accidentally knocked a piece of thread off of it, more like a scab on a cut, and the colored fabric fell away leaving a small spot with out color. At any rate, it is finished.

I have also finished the two quilts I posted about for the orphanage.  Still need to hand tie the knots in corners of blocks, but will be working on those tonight while I watch "The Bible" a new docudrama on the History channel debuting this evening.  Some viewing I choose...The Bible, then season premier of Amish Mafia.  I know that AM is a really stupid show and just don't believe that it is any where close to actual representation of Amish life. Just don't believe that any Amish peoples would behave in such a way, nor would they be able to so freely move back and forth between their life and that of the English.  Right up there with Breaking Amish.  I do love the Amish style quilts, and enjoy seeing a truthful depiction of their lifestyle.  The simplicity of their life reminds me of the 30's.   At any rate, that is what is planned for this evening.

I was able to also get two crib size quilts basted for quilting, both UFO projects.  They will be donated to the church.  Another throw size has been quilted as well.  Once I get bindings completed on these three they will be off of my UFO list as well.  Then, I will be able to justify starting a new project.

So, on the list to finish this week, besides those I listed, are a Crazy Quilt embellished block for a round robin I am in, three more of the church quilts.  I have a color challenge I am involved with through a local quilt store, finally have decided on a pattern to make for the challenge, so that will be next.  That quilt will be for me, personally, as I am using some of my grandmother's handkerchiefs in it, along with some hand embroidery work.  Have some applique projects to start, just trying to find just the right fabric for back grounds. 

That is about all for now.  Will post a little more tomorrow with a couple of book reviews and my shopping trip.  Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.  I am off to find a snack and get ready for my shows. Yes, I know, such an interesting life I lead.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crib Quilts - baptism

Our church quilt ministry is responsible for quilts to be given out at baptism events.  For younger children, think it is like 4 years and younger, we give the person getting baptized a quilt, usually crib size or at least on the smaller size.  There are cross wall hangings for all those older.  I like to make the crib quilts, can make them all day long and back.  The cross wall hangings...different story.  That is what is so nice about our group.  There are some that would prefer to make the cross hangings.  It is just too many pieces for my taste. 

The wall hanging is made from a bunch of 2 - 1/2 inch squares, the image of a cross is formed with the color placement of the squares, ironed to a sheet of heat bond. Once ironed down, the squares are sewn together horizontally then vertically.  Then baste and quilt.  I will make one, taking photos, to better explain the process.  All those seams are what bother me.  Ironing them to the backing does help hold the many squares in  place, but it is still a lot of seams.

The crib size  quilts are much better for me to work with.  They are quick, easy, and I can change up the block, layout, size and such as much as I want.

These are two I made yesterday.  These are in the flimsy stage as I am waiting until I can use the tables at church to baste them.  Saves my back so much pain.  These two quilts are actually the same two blocks, a 4 patch and a square, but you see that it makes a big difference how the blocks are placed for the finished result.  No right or wrong way, just lots of options for a quilt.  These are great stash busters, but I am fortunate that fabric is available to me when ever I want to make one.

Happy Valentine's to all.  Thanks for visiting and do come back soon.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wow...Rough & Tough

It has sure been a rough few weeks.  I had all these grand sewing and cleaning plans that I would do while hubby was gone on his business trip.  It all went down the tubes in a blaze when I got sick.  However, I was able to get a little bit of work done.

I have been quilting.  Well, got two flimsy tops done.  My goal is five so I have three more to go.  These are really simple, 6.5" squares sewn together, 7 rows across, ten rows down.  Although one of them has 11 but they said to just leave it.  The total yardage busted for each is a little over 2 yards.  Our church quilt group is making these quilts for an orphanage in Russia.  The group plans on making and sending a total of 25 quilts.  They are half way there with out my two.  My part is done with the tops though, another person in the group will baste them together.  The plan is to just sew them up, then turn it right side out and stitch the opening closed, in other words no bindings.  Then a work day will be held to take thread and tie knots to anchor the quilting.

I am going to try out my AccuQuilt Go for another top, doing the tumbler shape.  Will see how that goes and may be able to start on that this afternoon.

I am also happy to say that I have finally got my sewing room set up the way I want and all is working out quite well.
My new chair, it is a recliner, and smaller desk.  The chair is SO VERY COMFORTABLE, am just loving sitting in it for just relaxing or hand stitching.  The smaller desk actually has more space since the front opens up for a storage area for the keyboard and mouse, leaving me room to have some writing space for doing the bills and mail and such.  Yesterday I moved the plastic rolling cart to sit up under the back of my sewing table, moved the desk over more and set the new printer/scanner between the desk and recliner.  I had some little thing come up with my computer and lost my printer drivers and even with the CD could not get my Windows 8 to install the printer software properly for the scanner to actually work.  So, I bought a new one and started fresh.  Kind of frivolous on the one hand, but on the other hand makes total sense.  The original printer/scanner is located in the bedroom, it still works with all the other computers in the house.  Draw back to location was that hubby goes to bed early and then that shuts down the use because it is really loud when it prints.  Now, I have this one installed only on my computer and it is located right next to the computer.  Makes it easy for scanning, especially for scanning in blocks and fabric for my EQ 7.  Also, I can print any time I want.  Yes, I think in the long run it was the best decision.  I wish it was a little smaller, more compact, but it is what it is.  I had it narrowed down to this one, an Epson and one other one, an HP.  They were the same price, the HP was a little more compact, but the ink is a little cheaper for the Epson and taking in to consideration how much ink I go through the price difference was a significant amount to make the Epson the choice.  I am well pleased so far, will be printing off some color images later on to see how they look.  I also need to see how the scanner works, as that is a very important part of what I do as well.

Speaking of EQ 7, I am SO, SO glad that this version comes with the ability to download on my computer as many times as I need.  With learning how to run this new computer I have had to install the software back on already about 5 times.  Thankfully, when it restored, all my saved quilt files done with EQ 7 were still there.  I am thinking I really should save those to a CD or stick drive.

Also, on the quilt front, a local quilt store has started their BOM program up again.  I used to participate in this, about ten years ago or so.  At that time, for $5 you received the pattern and the fabric to make one block each month.  Usually had two color choices and you could purchase the second color choice for an additional fee as well.  The store used this as a sales tool.  We would line up, get a number and then they took about 25 customers at a time in to the class room and we would sit through the sales pitch for new fabrics, new gadgets and of course upcoming classes.  Just a big sales pitch to a captive audience because you didn't get your block until after you sat through the sales pitch. This year, the cost is $10 a month.  You get the pattern, the amount of fabric you need to make that block, each month.  Still have to sit through a little sales pitch, but it ends with a little demo of the block we will be making and some tips to make it easier.  The store is asking us to commit to them to purchase all twelve blocks (yikes $120) plus of course there was a fabric pack for the alternate squares (the quilt is set on point), the sashings, borders and backing. 

This is what the quilt will look like when we are done.  HOWEVER...I will not be doing the same sashing.  Don't want to do all that piecing.  So, since I have the EQ 7, I tried some different looks and have decided that I will do just strips of the same inner border fabric with one of the lighter fabrics for the connecting pieces.  I feel the solid sashing looks less busy.  I know that with the traditional blocks a lot of people like the pieced sashing, it is more traditional.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I am just saying that for my on personal opinion, it is just too busy.  Plus I don't want to do all that piecing.  Yes, I am a bit lazy I guess.  At any rate, by the time it is all said and done, the quilt will cost me about $200.  I will be working on it very carefully as I plan to donate this for a raffle prize when it is all done. 

I have recently found out that I can take off the exact cost of materials for any quilt I donate from my income tax.  I am really keeping up with receipts for any fabric and supplies I buy, keeping a spread sheet for each quilt's cost, because for 2013 I will really need the deduction. I make a lot of quilts for charity, especially since the family is tired of getting them.  However, my nieces and nephews are starting to get married, a few more of my kids are married now, and have added some grand babies.  Three so far, all boys, and recently found out that number 4 will be a girl.  I am so looking forward to making some ruffled things and pink quilts.  I also still have a plan to open an online store, am just waiting until I have a decent amount of inventory to offer. 

I think my book and supply orders have finally gotten all caught up.  The book I ordered - Jan. 21 - finally arrived today.  It has the pattern in it for a quilt called Shakespeare in the Park and that is the quilt I bought the book for. You can Google it, or click here for a link to the many images of the quilt online. The book is by Judy Martin called The Creative Pattern Book.  Be for warned though, if you order it from Amazon, it will take a while to get it.  I chose Amazon as the seller because I have a Prime membership so I get 2 day shipping free.  Well, suddenly the product description had a notation that expected shipping date would be Jan. 28, then it changed again, even got an email asking me if I still wanted to order it if they were able to find it.  Now I see that it doesn't give a date, just tells you will ship when they find it available.  In my opinion, the fine print should be a little bit more obvious to let a buyer know there might be problems with delivery.  Had I known that, I would have just bought a used one listed.

Goodness, just noticed the time.  Where has my morning gone?  Got to get some lunch so I can get to doing some sewing this afternoon since I don't have Mister M.  Since I have been so ill he has been staying with his mom, we didn't want to chance me passing it on and the doctor said it was a good bet I would.

Thanks for stopping by and come back to visit again.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Does Anyone Know?

I have a question for any quilters out there.

If you click to enlarge, you will see that starting at the top left of the photo I have added the names of the Free Motion Foot and the Walking Foot.  Does anyone know what the all metal piece is?  I know it has to do with quilting, but that is all.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lone Star Class update!

I know that there are several of the ladies that were able to finish the class quilt project during the class.  Well, at least to the flimsy stage.  I went home early from the class because I had to cut more another set of strips to get the eighth diamond section.

Drum roll please.

The top, or flimsy, is finished.  I think it turned out great good.  I have to go buy some batting and then hopefully will be able to at least baste it today, am going to try to do the quilting as well.  Will see.

Off to cook lunch.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lone Star Class

This past Saturday I took a quilt class at the local quilt store.  First one in many years. 

The class is for a Lone star quilt made of 3.5" strips, sewn together then cut into diamond sets.  So, thought I would post about it.

These are the fabrics I finally decided on.  It took me quite a while to get to these.  I only changed my mind about 4 times, buying a little fabric each time.  The large print floral is fabric left over from making window treatments for my living/dining room and kitchen window.  Funny how "window treatment" sounds so much more refined than curtains.
So then, the strips were sewn together into 3 combinations and then those strip combos are cut in to sections at a 45 degree angle.  The burgundy is the outside point.  We will NOT talk about how I had to play frog with the first set of strips I put together because they were totally out of order.  You can't even flip these and salvage the sewing because of the off set of each strip. And, will NOT talk about the lesson I had to learn about matching up seams that are on an angle. I know it sounds complicated, which it is not, just have to pay close attention to your pattern directions, which in my opinion could be a bit more explanatory in some areas.  Just saying.  According to the pattern, I should have gotten 8 sections from each strip set...I only got 7 (most of the class only got 7) so have to make one more strip set for each fabric combination.  I have however figured out a way to do a little more sewing, but use less fabric.  I know I am all about using up my stash, but there isn't much of these fabrics so don't want to waste three strips of fabric when I can use that fabric for something else, if it is left in larger pieces.

Those are then sewn in to diamond sections.  A total of 8 of these diamond sections are needed to make the quilt.
I haven't sewn them together yet, but this is how they will look with the triangle insets of large floral print.  If you can't already tell, this will not be a square quilt.  It will be hexagon shaped or what ever it is called when you have 8 sides.  For this pattern, if you want to make it square, then you replace four triangles with squares. 
Cool thing is, since I haven't sewn them together yet, I can reverse them and put the burgundy as the center points and the cream on the out side.  At the moment, I think I like the burgundy as the outside points.

I had made a deal with my daughter-in-law a while back to trade living room furniture.  I FINALLY have a comfortable chair for myself now.  When I can get my youngest daughter out of it.   At any rate, I had planned on making this quilt to lay across the back of the couch, that is why I used the fabric from the curtains.  I had a high backed sectional, took up the whole room.  We traded out the furniture today, so now I have a nice couch and oversized chair with an ottoman.  HOWEVER, I did not realize that the sofa set has a much lower back and that a series of pillows makes the back of the sofa.  It is not going to work for me to lay a quilt across it.  I will figure out something though.  The quilt is 44 x 44 inches.

The main thing is that I learned some new things, finally have made a Lone Star quilt and I had a lot of fun.  We also were given a pattern for a much larger Lone Star quilt using 2.5" strips.  About twice the size.  I am thinking about making it, but have found a kit very similar and I really love the fabrics in that kit.  I normally don't spend the kind of money a kit goes for, but this may just be the exception.  I will however think about it a while longer.  Who knows, maybe it will go on sale.

Speaking of sales, of course the shop was having a heck of a sale.  They had a lot of clearance they were trying to get rid of.  I helped them out with that, brought a lot home.  For the first time, I did purchase a couple of kits.  Both were reduced to the point that I could not buy the fabric for the price, not to mention it comes with the pattern.  Both are smaller throw size or child size and I will use them for gifts or raffle donations.  Some of the fabric was marked down to $2.20 a yard...how could I pass that up?

Almost forgot, I promised to post a photo of the quilt top I made recently for the orphanage quilt project our church quilt ministry has taken on.
As I said, very simple.  Will post a photo of the finished quilt when it is done.  The plan is to sew a back and batting on, kind of pillow case style, so there will be no binding.  Then, there will be a work day set for every one to come tie the quilts, so will be quilted with knots of thread.  I found out that I was given the wrong info and need to removed a row of squares.  Which is okay because that really isn't much work.  Just glad I found out before I made a bunch more.

That's all for now, have been moving furniture all day and now am ready to sew a while and work on finishing up this Lone Star project.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is my new blog, which will be a part of my original blog..."Blair Blog Project".  I just couldn't figure out how to add do this any other way.  I wanted to have tabs to click on to link to quilt related postings.  I see so many other blogs that do this, just don't have enough brains to figure out just how they do it.  I asked one person, she wrote back and told me to make a separate blog then link it to the home page, so guess that is what I will be doing.

For the most part, I do scrap quilts.  If you are looking for artsy fartsy type quilts, it won't be on here.  If you are looking for traditional, simple good for cuddling up in quilts, this is the place.  I am also a bit on the cheap side when it comes to supplies.  I have no problem using fabric from Walmart, JoAnn's or such.  They do have some quality fabrics at lower prices, but it does have to pass the quality test.  It has to feel good, color has to be solid (in other words not smudged or faded looking) and has to be something that I would want to have for my personal use.  In quality, not looks, because I make a lot of quilts that I wouldn't really want hanging around, but the person they are made for loves them.

I will post my progress on the UFO pile I found when setting up my sewing room.  A variety of stages of finish.  Some just need to be quilted and bound, a rag quilt that just needs to have the edges cut to fringe, several sets of blocks from swaps and such.  I have some BOM (block of the month) projects that are planned for the 2013 year as well.  One is through our LQS (local quilt store) and is called "First Saturday".  It is a bit pricey at $10 a month to participate, but compared to some of the other BOM sets I have seen online for sale, it is nothing.  For that $10 I receive a block pattern along with all the fabrics I need to make that block.  The others are free and offered online.  I will post the names and details of them as they come up. 

Oh, and I will be two other projects, BOM style from patterns I purchased.  One is for a pattern called Sugar Kisses.

The colors of this quilt are much brighter in person.  The LQS did this as a BOM last year, so I missed out on getting the same fabrics.  I will find fabrics from my stash, for the most part, and will be doing this on my own, a block each month, hopefully anyway.  I am not the best at applique but hope to learn more with this quilt.  A friend of mine did do the BOM for this with the shop, but she has not worked on so it may be that I can buy her blocks or at least look at the fabric a bit to try and match with the pattern photo.

Note:  Found out that she started the BOM but shortly after starting it she started divorce proceedings and found out she had been laid off, so didn't have the money to keep up with the BOM program.

The other applique I project I am going to do is the Piecemakers's 2013 calendar quilt. I hope to do a block a month or every other month.
I live in California and we go to the beach often so I just couldn't resist.  Of course we won't mention the other calendar years I bought because they had them on sale for $5.00.  All of their calendar quilts are mainly applique.

Currently though, I just finished a quilt top.  Flimsy I guess is a common term used for it.  Very simple and relatively fast, easy for the beginner.  Will post a photo of the flimsy in the next posting.

Guess that is enough of a beginning, come back and visit any time.