Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Behind.

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  Well...that's better than my embroidery blog, last posted there in February.  I am trying to update all my blogs today while Mr. M is napping.

Not much time so hold on an ride along with a quick update.  I finally finished the quilts for the church project, but forgot to take photos.  I am glad that project is over.  I have learned one valuable bit of information...I hate making quilts that don't have a binding and I HATE repeat HATE doing the tie knots technique instead of stitched quilting.  Can you see the shudder slash shiver of my whole body just thinking about it?

Other news, I just can't wait until fall to get my machine from layaway.  Sunday I will be taking my first class to learn how to operate the thing and will be bringing it home.  I have a list of projects that I want to start working on in June and decided, since I have the money to pay it off, it was ridiculously idiotic not to make use of the machine that I purchased to make those projects go easier and a little more enjoyable for myself.  I mean come on, that is why I am letting go of that large amount of money in the first place.  Why shouldn't I have it, take advantage of it, when all these projects on my list are perfect for learning what I can do with the machine?  At least do some learning on it before I tackle the major projects in the fall that I don't want to practice on, I need to know what I am doing for those projects because they are really important.  Not making any money off of them or anything, but they are going to special people that I want the projects to be more quality for.  Not that I don't strive to do my best work on all my projects, especially since they are mostly all charity bound, but these are for family members for special occasions.

Okay...enough babbling, I need to get this wrapped up and be finished with the computer before little man's nap ends.  Thank you for stopping by and check back soon to see how I am doing with my endeavors.

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