Monday, April 22, 2013


Now, isn't this a beauty?
This is my new machine.  Well at least a photo of it. My particular machine is in layaway.  This is the Pfaff Creative Connection 2.0 and it does it all.  Great for sewing with lots of built in stitches.  Large throat area for quilting along with built in walking foot.  No more having to change out the feet every time I want to quilt. It is also an awesome embroidery unit with a large design area. 

I am progressing...slowly...with the quilt top project for our church.  It has been delayed a little by some Dr. appointments, some household projects that have to be a month ago...and honestly, a really serious case of the don't want to do anythings.  I am working through it though.  Have to.

The plan is to by September have gotten through the tutorials for my EQ 7 quilting software and it's companion EQ Stitch embroidery software.  Of course, we have a big vacation planned, my oldest grandson is coming for a visit and our youngest grand child is due to arrive in July. Not like there is anything going to take up my time this summer. LOL

This has been a nice break, but I have to get back to my kitchen chores. Stop in to visit again soon.

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