Monday, April 8, 2013

Not Enough Time...New Goal

There just doesn't seem to be enough time for me to find any little bit of time to work on the projects I want to lately.  I need to clean my whole house, need to file my mom's last tax return, organize my kitchen, well you know how it is.

Any way, I have a new goal.  Some way some how, I need to make 5 more quilts for the orphan project that our church group is working on.  Not sure why I let myself sign up for these things, but I have and I will honor it.  Wish me luck, five quilt tops by Thursday evening so I use the tables at church to baste them.  Then to get them quilted before the following Thursday morning so I can get them turned in and whole project can be finished.

You see, I have projects for my personal list that I want to work on pretty soon.  Actually my goal is to get myself so organized that I can at least work on quilt related projects three evenings a week, cross stitch project one or two nights a week.  That will give me a couple of nights a week that I can use for cooking demos or a date night or a family night.  WHOA! Family night? What is that?  Yeah exactly.

Thanks for stopping in.  I will post photos when I get them done.

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