Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crib Quilts - baptism

Our church quilt ministry is responsible for quilts to be given out at baptism events.  For younger children, think it is like 4 years and younger, we give the person getting baptized a quilt, usually crib size or at least on the smaller size.  There are cross wall hangings for all those older.  I like to make the crib quilts, can make them all day long and back.  The cross wall hangings...different story.  That is what is so nice about our group.  There are some that would prefer to make the cross hangings.  It is just too many pieces for my taste. 

The wall hanging is made from a bunch of 2 - 1/2 inch squares, the image of a cross is formed with the color placement of the squares, ironed to a sheet of heat bond. Once ironed down, the squares are sewn together horizontally then vertically.  Then baste and quilt.  I will make one, taking photos, to better explain the process.  All those seams are what bother me.  Ironing them to the backing does help hold the many squares in  place, but it is still a lot of seams.

The crib size  quilts are much better for me to work with.  They are quick, easy, and I can change up the block, layout, size and such as much as I want.

These are two I made yesterday.  These are in the flimsy stage as I am waiting until I can use the tables at church to baste them.  Saves my back so much pain.  These two quilts are actually the same two blocks, a 4 patch and a square, but you see that it makes a big difference how the blocks are placed for the finished result.  No right or wrong way, just lots of options for a quilt.  These are great stash busters, but I am fortunate that fabric is available to me when ever I want to make one.

Happy Valentine's to all.  Thanks for visiting and do come back soon.

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