Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Long Time!

So, once again, like the rest of my blog, it has been way to long since I posted here, but there is a reason.  I will keep this short since it sounds like it is time to put Missy down.

They are growing up.

Currently, there is no quilting going on.  I lost my room when youngest son graduated college and moved back home until he can get on his feet financially.  He is working on it, I will give him that.  At any rate, until I can get my sewing room back up and going (which will be when he moves out in a few months) I am not working on much of anything.  That was really starting to take a depressing toll on me so I pulled out some crochet projects.
Finished the spider-man afghan I have been working on for TWO years.  Not as big as I wanted, but I ran out of blue and can't find any to match.  I may have another skein in the storage unit, but have not felt up to tackling all those boxes.  Now that the summer has faded a bit and cooler temps are showing up, the goal is to start purging unwanted and anything not needed any more and then clean out and pack the storage up a bit cleaner.  I will be able to empty it out and get rid of that expense once my son moves out, his sister is going with him as well so I will have to empty rooms to work with.  One will be set up for my crafting, one will be set up for the grand babies to play and nap in.

I am having fun with the crochet once again, even though most of it is all in storage.  I have been working on some smaller projects.
 Boot cuffs for my oldest daughter.  She found the picture on Pinterest or Etsy and ask me if I could make her something similar.  I also just finished a cowl in matching yarn for her, just need to sew the buttons on.
 Making a stack of beanie hats for some school kids that our church is helping with.  They will be giving them away to each child in a few months.  They are easy and quick to make, plus uses up my scraps.
 Found this fabric for crocheting scarves and had to try it.  I LOVE IT. It works up easily and quickly.  Just be sure you don't drop a stitch with it because you will be starting all over from the beginning if you do.

 These are some scarves in Peach colored yarn, the color for uterine cancer.  A lady at church was recently diagnosed and wanted to give these out to ladies in treatment with her.  But, she doesn't crochet so she is buying yarn and a couple of us are crocheting them up for her.  The photo above is a pattern for awareness, can you see the little ribbon design?  However, after making this one I have decided that I do not like that pattern at all, or the worsted weight yarn for these scarves.  That pattern, in my opinion, is very unstable.  I found the lacy one shown, it works much better and used softer yarn.  I will be making more of them.  I hate the color orange and peach, especially the peach family as it reminds me of Bayer's Children's Aspirin that I had to take...a a child.

I fell in love with a variegated yarn called "Dakota" because it reminded me of native american jewelry and the south west that I love.  However, in beginning the pattern I had picked, it just started looking like a bunch of melted crayons or something.  This particular yarn has a very strange seemingly random color pattern to it and I think that is the problem.  So, on to plan B.

Now, this is a classic granny square that I ended up going with to make and afghan for myself.  Wow, like my quilting, have not made anything just for myself before.  At any rate, I fell in love with the variegated yarn in southwest colors, so just had to buy it.  That particular brand does not have a blue that matches it, so I got as close as I could for the centers.  Was able to match the cranberry.  Will connect them with a matching tan yarn.  Each square has a different look to it as well due to the strange variegation in the yarn.

That is for now, so guess until the house gets worked out I will use this for crocheting.  I have to say it is a more portable hobby. thankfully.

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